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Freshly printed math degree in hand, I started at General Dynamics straight out of college. Working on space exploration and defense, I developed software supporting the Space Shuttle, the Atlas and Atlas/Centaur launch vehicles, and on cruise missile programs. Promoted to Senior Software Engineer, along the way, I received my Masters in Applied Mathematics at UC-San Diego where I specialized in finite element analysis.


The next 10 years were spent in engineering, marketing and B2B sales with roles in the micro-processor revolution, human-computer interface design, supercomputers (Cray, FPS & others), massively parallel computing, desktop publishing & typesetting, 3D/solids modeling, and more.


In 1993, consumer goods called and I answered - starting in strategy. 

Early on I helped DirecTV cross their chasm. This led to 25 years working with products in consumer tech as well as fitness, home, hardware and automotive.


In 1998 I founded Atomic Direct — the ad agency I ran for 20 years. We created the national advertising needed to drive success for innovative products and services from corporations like AAA, DuPont, and Rubbermaid as well as smaller companies like Kreg Tool, Darex, & The Joint Chiropractic. 


From 2010 to 2017 we drove a number of national product introductions at Lowe's stores with TV advertising. These campaigns were stunning in their impact - moving as many as 2.4 million units of entirely new, innovative product in the first 2 months on the shelf.

In early 2018 I changed my direction and closed Atomic Direct in order to start Protonik, LLC. Through Protonik I focus on marketing innovative new products and services and have returned to B2B technology products in addition to continuing with consumer goods. 


A Coloradan by birth, I've spent 30 years in Portland, Oregon where I live with my artist wife (a painter) and two sons. When not working, I explore art, music, woodworking, history, books, fly fishing, and the outdoors.

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MS - Applied Math, UC - San Diego

MBA (partial) - Marylhurst Univ

BA - Mathematics, CU - Boulder


Protonik, LLC - President

Portland State - School of Business

Atomic Direct, LTD - CEO

The Tyee Group, VP-Strategy/Acct Dir.

Floating Point, International Sales & Mktg

General Dynamics, Sr. Software Engineer

RetailWire BrainTrust
Quora Top Writer 2018

Book: "Building Brand with DRTV" (2011)

BWG Group Advisory Board

Response Magazine Advisory Board

OTRADI BioMentor (a biz accelerator)


Telly Awards (2001-2018)

Davey Awards (2005-2016)

Insurance Marcom "Best TV of 2006"

DMA Echo for TV (1999)

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