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Leverage the complex to drive business success.

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The Marketing Podcast

Every 2 weeks Shahin Khan and I record an on-going conversation about marketing. With contrasting viewpoints — mine from consumer goods & Shahin's from B2B — we dig to find new insights across all parts of marketing and market action.




Discover the new products or services that can grow your business then drive success as they hit the market and finally "stick the landing" during their first 2-5 years in the market.


Shelf Potatoes are those innovative new products which don't live up to their potential. These products can be brought to life for less money than it takes to create and introduce new innovations.


Existing products may

have tremendous power

in new markets - like taking professional level tools to consumer markets. The result is high payout at

low development cost.


​Strategy | Market Research | Product Marketing
Sales Development | Communication | Video Marketing

Clients use my services to bring senior level marketing and business experience into their innovation work or their startups. Ways I can help build your success​:

Early Stage Innovation or Startup Advising. It's critical to have a marketer who has driven innovation success advise early development.

Product planning & evaluation. I bring unusual experience determining whether the market will care about your new work along with whether the product can be sold effectively.

Market exploration and investigation through research. Market research is critical but typical corporate research won't discover the uniquely powerful opportunity. This work must be designed so that, once built, you can be confident the product will sell.

Communication planning. What should be said? How should it be said? What mediums will carry it best? And who should be saying it? What are the roles (if any) of advertising? Sales teams? PR? These are the keys to initial AND long term success. 

Sales planning and implementation. Whether selling B2C, B2B, or selling into distribution channels, it takes an entrepreneurial approach to build sales team or sales channel strength for innovative efforts and startups.

The Communication Campaign. Potential customers must come to believe the innovation matters enough to buy it and that it's worth the price — whether in dollars or effort. If they don't know the answers, there is not chance for innovation to succeed.

How can my experience help you and your organization?

Call or email to begin a conversation.

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